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Welcome. I am so happy to meet you!

The Beginning of a Dream.kathyprofile2web

Dancing Hearts was born from a dream I carried in my heart for a long time. As far back as I can remember, I loved animals and nature and people. I learned about how we are all connected in a magnificant web of life and how our hearts hold the secrets for happy living...and how the natural world and our animal companions help us to tap into those secrets.

As my dogs, horses, spiritual teachers showed me how to use my intuition, to share awareness with all life in our world community, to help me heal and to teach me how to help others heal themselves...I knew that I was born to share this wisdom with others. And to keep exploring, questioning, seeking, experiencing and sharing all along the way.

It started with simple things like helping families train their puppies and dogs using kind and simple methods that worked. And helping people experience the exhilaration of agility with their dogs. Then venturing into a way for city folks to learn how to be hobby shepherds with their dogs and way beyond, into national level competition. And my work blossomed into sharing the gifts of the healing arts and spiritual awareness. It wasn't long before women who wanted to exchange their corporate life for their own business began to ask me for guidance and so I developed the holistic business planning program.

SueKatJust like you, I have struggled with relationships, partnerships, training my dogs, healing my body and my spirit, finding joy and gratitude on days when dark clouds obscured the light. My heart, my intuition, my dogs, horses and the other animals, nature, spirit, friends and teachers of all sorts have helped me to learn the lessons and wisdom of the heart that brought healing and balance into my life...lessons that I now share thru Dancing Hearts. Lessons that I continue to experience, every single day. It's a lifelong learning process...the lesson is love...and life is the school.

At the core of everything that I share is a deep heartfelt connection to the spirit of life. It's a connection that brings peace and happiness and it's what I want to help you find. It's a connection to your heart's passion for making a difference in the world. A profound connection to your dogs, horses, cats and other companion animals. To your family and fellow humans. A magical connection to nature and to every living being on earth. An awareness that everything is alive, filled with spirit. And that we are all connected to one another.

That magic birthed the name of my dream: Dancing Hearts. A name that reflects happiness, hope, peace and a deep connection to our heart...and outwardly expressing that happiness...like in 'dancing with joy'! Feeling the kind of happiness that fills your whole body..your whole being...and infects everyone around you...making them want to smile, laugh...and make their hearts dance! That's the kind of happiness that our dogs bring to our lives, isn't it?


The Dancing Hearts Team

kathyKathy Kawalec

Hi, my name is Kathy Kawalec, and I'm happy you dropped by. I am the founder of Dancing Hearts Holistic Learning Center...a place where people and their dogs can connect and create a happy life.

I am a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner, a Holistic Animal Behavior & Well-being Consultant, an Intuitive, a Business Development mentor, a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and a Shamanic Healing Practitioner. I love sheep, sheep tending, border collies, sheep herding competition and teaching sheep herding skills to others through my Connected Herding program.

My corporate education and background is in marketing and business management in the graphic arts industry, where I spent 30 Kathy with puppiesyears gathering solid experience and the last 15 serving in upper level and executive management of a successful commercial printing corporation, until my corporate exit in 2000. I have also been a life-long student of the intuitive healing arts, of spirituality, of building effective human-animal relationships, and of developing compassionate understanding between individuals and between species. For more than 30 years, I have gathered academic, practical and teaching experience in these areas.

However, I must say, my most profound learning and wisdom comes directly from the animals, the plants, nature, and my spirit guides. I blend all of these elements together, sharing my experience, wisdom and knowledge by guiding those who are interested in connecting with and living their heart's passion…in connecting deeply with their dogs, animals, families…and in developing their intuitive skills or their businesses.

I live on a small and sacred farm in Illinois with my husband and family of animal companions including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens and ducks. My entire family and the residing wildlife, plant life, nature spirits and compassionate spirit helpers all work together, creating a safe, loving and healing environment for all visitors, both in person and virtual.

So, I thank you for visiting, I honor you for your contribution to the world of harmony with animals and nature, and I eagerly anticipate connecting with you soon!


joe on tractorJoe Kawalec

Joe's contribution to Dancing Hearts and our Vision goes beyond words. In addition to his full time service tech job, he lovingly and patiently executes the endless lists of tasks on his "HoneyDo" list. Joe is a handyman extraordinaire: building, adding, fixing, repairing and troubleshooting all things mechanical around the farm. Getting the camper ready for my trips and taking care of the farm and the animals while I’m gone is a major chore, for which I am ever grateful.

Even more profound is the emotional support he has given me over the years…unwaveringly believing in me and my dreams, and fully investing himself in creating our own little paradise and fulfilling our vision of a joyous and peaceful world.

Joe’s hobbies are golfing and antique tractors. His eyes light up and his heart sings whenever he talks about his latest tractor restoration project…or his next tractor adventure. He’d love to show you his beautiful tractors, so ask him next time you visit!

The Animals

Maggie.It all started with horses more than 30 years ago…and Maggie continues to bless our farm with her horse-ness, making us laugh and filling us with joy. Horses are wonderful teachers, and Maggie is pleased and honored to assist in many of my classes and workshops.

From Max to Haley and on to Dallas and all of the other border collies, the dogs are the bedrock that DancingJoe with the dogs Hearts is built upon. They have each brought the most amazing wisdom into my life, have shaped my path and have pushed me on to stay the course of my dreams.

The sheep serve as master teachers in the art of communication and listening with focused Sheep grazingawareness. They are undeniably experts in their field, and patiently spend many hours teaching humans, who lag considerably behind their dogs in learning the lessons of sheep.

The cats over see all activity on the farm, and they supervise Joe at work. The ducks and chickens make us laugh and bless us with their eggs. All of them serve as teachers to those on a path of connecting with their intuition. 

Waylon the catducklingsHarriet the chicken