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Hi!  And Welcome to Dancing Hearts.

Would you like to better understand your dog, while deepening your bond and building a partnership based on trust?

You are passionate about the well-being and happiness of your dog, and you want your dog to be well-mannered, well-trained and healthy. You want to be successful and competent -- in training, competing and in providing the best care for your dog.

What you absolutely do not like are harsh, corrective, aggressive, intimidating dog training methods. Or anything else that might damage your dog’s happiness, wellness, or your relationship.

Your dream of a happy and fulfilling life with your dog can get lost when you are faced with your dog’s inappropriate behavior, or less-than-thriving health...or your inability to be really competitive at your favorite dog sport, like herding or agility. You’re committed, passionate and really good at lots of things. But, now, you are faced with a challenge that seems difficult to overcome. And, there are so many different opinions, methods and beliefs that you don’t know which way to turn. It can be so frustrating. I've been there.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I believe that you can have a successful partnership with your dog that is built upon trust, understanding and clear communication...that you can provide training and care that feels great to both you and your dog...and that your dreams of success and fulfillment are within your reach.

"Kathy introduced me to her methods when I was most discouraged with other trainers. Our sessions were instructive, positive & valuable. Kathy's ability is amazing-she is gifted with a rare intuition and open-hearted approach.

Not only is my dog well-behaved, he is more fun! ~Mary E.


Dogs are amazing teachers and, if we learn to listen with an open heart and an open mind, they will show us the way. You can learn to effectively:

• Establish a connected and delightful partnership with your dog;

• Learn to communicate with compassion, clarity and intention;

• Listen to your heart, to your intuition and live your dreams.

I’m Kathy Kawalec, founder of Dancing Hearts. I love helping people connect
 to their dogs, to their hearts, and to their dreams…using fun and effective methods that bring together passion, clarity and purpose. If you want to create a joyful and successful life without losing your integrity, you are in the right place!


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